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KUBER AUTO PRESSING is specialized in Stainless Steel and Copper bubble caps and Deep Drawings Caps and other Ferrous and Non-Ferrous press components. We can furnish completely finished and assemled product or individual components in a variety of forms with surface coating or without surface coating.

Our customers judge us by the quality we supply and hence we are totally commited in our outlook with regards to quality. KUBER AUTO PRESSING is totally commited to achieve the highest levels of quality in all its materials that we supply to our customer and if we are to succeed this objective must be shared by us.

The company has employed qualified engineers and operators with requisite competence tto perform their jobs to ensure customer satisfaction. We will work with your technical staff to provide production, Quality and first class service.

For over many years, Kuber Auto Pressing has been known for quality, versatility, integrity, and personal service. Exceeding our customer's expectations is our goal, second only to quality.

Kuber Auto Pressing understands every quality part begins with teamwork
between our customers, suppliers and workers. To ensure quality, KAP has a vigorous inspection process; our employees follow written procedures and document inspections. To alleviate downtime, material is only purchased from approved suppliers who can meet our strict standards. From the time raw material enters our Shipping & Receiving Dept. quality carries through to final shipments.

Boxes are labeled for easy identification of part numbers, quantities, customer order numbers and job numbers. In addition, all production parts are boxed, cornered and banded to skids safeguarding fragile parts from damage during shipping.

ISO 9001:2000 certified, we are committed to continuous improvement, through all aspects of business, including on-going education and training.

Kuber Auto Pressing works closely with our customers, making every effort to fully understand their product. We take personal interest by traveling to our customers' plants to ensure tooling, made by KAP, produces only quality production parts.

We are specialized in Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper stamping.